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All brands and businesses are digital. Some just don’t know it yet. Optimal has identified digitalisation as a competitive driver for brands and businesses to thrive. We specialise in strategic and practical online communication solutions, from brand development to digital marketing, CRM, e-commerce, design, UI/UX and web design.

Everything your business needs for a successful digital journey starts here.

No fat. No fluff. Offering you the best results.

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modern design

One of the most important elements during the process of digital design is to create a clean, appealing design. A quality design is attractive and easy to read with intuitive navigation. Most importantly a clean design helps viewers focus on the value of the brand and content instead of distracting graphics or large amounts of copy. Often, users associate digital design with the quality of a particular company or product. That is why a clean modern design is vital to providing a positive user experience as well as creating the desired halo effect that encourages customers to return and engage with your brand.

responsive layout

Statistics indicate that the use of mobile devices to conduct online searches has increased significantly in the past years. In fact approximately 95% of mobile device users count on their devices to search for local products and services. To effectively reach this growing population of mobile users businesses need to be sure that their websites are accessible on any device. That is why all of the digital platforms and websites we create are fully responsive. No matter what device your customer uses their digital experience will be optimised.

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They are extremely committed, supportive and helpful. We can highly recommend them!

-Stephan Venter, IT Manager, RE/MAX


The attention to detail, hard work and commitment your team presents when working with Accountability, really does show and means the world.

-Devon Kemp, Director, Accountability


Optimal Online have been our partner in developing a fantastic, new website for CIB. From concept through to design and implementation they were with us every step of the way, making our vision a reality. Our site required a lot of backend development due to the functionality on some of the pages, but no task was too big for this great team. To us it felt as though they adopted the site as their own and were as focused on the final goal as we were. Working with Kyle at Optimal has been a pleasure and I would recommend this great company to anyone who is looking for superb digital and online marketing solutions. Thank you Kyle, you and your team have helped us breath fresh life into our brand through our website and we couldn’t be happier.

-Britt Guedes, Marketing Co-Ordinator, CIB

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Why choose Optimal?

Everyone at Optimal Online believes that a digital experience needs to be seamless, functional and innovative. That’s why we develop creative and efficient solutions to meet our clients’ digital and online needs. We specialize in development, digital design, online marketing and database management.

All aspects of the digital world

We understand all aspects of the digital world and have a collective 28 years experience within our team.

Our clients come first

Our clients come first, along with their business. We believe in long lasting relationships and want to guide you along your digital journey.

Forefront of usability

Every project we design and develop, we ensure usability is at the forefront.

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Strict employment policy

We have a very strict employment policy: We only hire nice people. That means you will only deal with kind friendly people without egos or attitudes.

We love what we do no matter your budget

We love what we do and you will see that in our work. No matter how big or small your budget is we can assist you with your business objectives.

We find digital solutions

No matter how big the idea, we will find a digital solution for it.